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The tag allows dynamic columns functionality in a rich:dataTable. It is used like a UIData component which iterates through a data model to create columns.

The component uses a standard value/var pair of attributes to provide binding to data model and request scoped variable for iteration through this data model.

The next simple example shows you a simple use-case where ten types of cars are created and a list of models with prices is generated for each type of car. In the dataTable cars are grouped by type in a separate columns.

DataTable Columns example
Cars Available
Corvette 19782.0 miles 38779$Explorer 26603.0 miles 38169$Maxima 44311.0 miles 43906$Camry 65161.0 miles 33639$Yukon 61844.0 miles 16773$G35 48058.0 miles 40626$
Corvette 50998.0 miles 20319$Explorer 27469.0 miles 26044$Maxima 20396.0 miles 22504$Camry 43259.0 miles 29652$Yukon 45948.0 miles 54420$G35 53751.0 miles 44999$
Corvette 60554.0 miles 19813$Explorer 46938.0 miles 37922$Maxima 66957.0 miles 24348$Camry 28257.0 miles 42378$Yukon 17677.0 miles 47704$G35 9059.0 miles 32414$
Corvette 19163.0 miles 36937$Explorer 67223.0 miles 51813$Maxima 6172.0 miles 29952$Camry 66106.0 miles 43705$Yukon 19426.0 miles 27036$G35 9845.0 miles 46411$
Corvette 60882.0 miles 19082$Explorer 41748.0 miles 32124$Maxima 60105.0 miles 15941$Camry 54673.0 miles 21329$Yukon 11053.0 miles 18750$G35 14292.0 miles 19923$
Corvette 24027.0 miles 37716$Explorer 13096.0 miles 16986$Maxima 59139.0 miles 42729$Camry 72163.0 miles 19935$Yukon 11790.0 miles 27470$G35 55056.0 miles 36356$
Corvette 39288.0 miles 39219$Explorer 12205.0 miles 35029$Maxima 48039.0 miles 54827$Camry 26378.0 miles 51728$Yukon 6799.0 miles 54817$G35 65377.0 miles 42068$
Corvette 70685.0 miles 17000$Explorer 22143.0 miles 40544$Maxima 68544.0 miles 45798$Camry 25008.0 miles 45576$Yukon 8108.0 miles 33369$G35 67267.0 miles 17470$
Corvette 22097.0 miles 49760$Explorer 77248.0 miles 20403$Maxima 23055.0 miles 33161$Camry 20459.0 miles 32864$Yukon 70312.0 miles 39385$G35 52079.0 miles 31175$

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Additionally as you see Sorting Feature could be added to this component in the same way as for simple rich:column.

In this example every column provides sorting by car prices

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