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The tag allows dynamic columns functionality in a rich:dataTable. It is used like a UIData component which iterates through a data model to create columns.

The component uses a standard value/var pair of attributes to provide binding to data model and request scoped variable for iteration through this data model.

The next simple example shows you a simple use-case where ten types of cars are created and a list of models with prices is generated for each type of car. In the dataTable cars are grouped by type in a separate columns.

DataTable Columns example
Cars Available
Corvette 49340.0 miles 39453$Explorer 54235.0 miles 32871$Maxima 6078.0 miles 52965$Camry 32686.0 miles 40526$Yukon 57189.0 miles 46064$G35 46295.0 miles 29075$
Corvette 38411.0 miles 22373$Explorer 49391.0 miles 21121$Maxima 38203.0 miles 26748$Camry 46620.0 miles 47008$Yukon 35992.0 miles 48647$G35 67749.0 miles 16572$
Corvette 12763.0 miles 51236$Explorer 74078.0 miles 54182$Maxima 57178.0 miles 18220$Camry 79361.0 miles 25266$Yukon 41573.0 miles 20011$G35 73128.0 miles 31704$
Corvette 75300.0 miles 22462$Explorer 20392.0 miles 45226$Maxima 9719.0 miles 46043$Camry 53438.0 miles 43686$Yukon 64606.0 miles 25835$G35 69145.0 miles 30505$
Corvette 40174.0 miles 18252$Explorer 60963.0 miles 28887$Maxima 73479.0 miles 19865$Camry 59467.0 miles 51871$Yukon 13436.0 miles 54935$G35 67539.0 miles 23160$
Corvette 36110.0 miles 34221$Explorer 77321.0 miles 33503$Maxima 27307.0 miles 50497$Camry 27477.0 miles 34158$Yukon 37574.0 miles 44922$G35 61915.0 miles 33844$
Corvette 21090.0 miles 39639$Explorer 30183.0 miles 36765$Maxima 78410.0 miles 15229$Camry 19347.0 miles 28751$Yukon 68658.0 miles 42930$G35 47644.0 miles 51209$
Corvette 31032.0 miles 22171$Explorer 36447.0 miles 33577$Maxima 54653.0 miles 44250$Camry 55579.0 miles 22864$Yukon 63985.0 miles 18845$G35 65327.0 miles 32885$
Corvette 31344.0 miles 46373$Explorer 68669.0 miles 20654$Maxima 79648.0 miles 33669$Camry 36921.0 miles 32191$Yukon 56091.0 miles 52156$G35 34624.0 miles 16560$

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Additionally as you see Sorting Feature could be added to this component in the same way as for simple rich:column.

In this example every column provides sorting by car prices

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