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The tag allows dynamic columns functionality in a rich:dataTable. It is used like a UIData component which iterates through a data model to create columns.

The component uses a standard value/var pair of attributes to provide binding to data model and request scoped variable for iteration through this data model.

The next simple example shows you a simple use-case where ten types of cars are created and a list of models with prices is generated for each type of car. In the dataTable cars are grouped by type in a separate columns.

DataTable Columns example
Cars Available
Corvette 11579.0 miles 49766$Explorer 71621.0 miles 20345$Maxima 40699.0 miles 50654$Camry 30936.0 miles 21869$Yukon 76820.0 miles 42908$G35 62020.0 miles 53664$
Corvette 14589.0 miles 17631$Explorer 9302.0 miles 44967$Maxima 70560.0 miles 22793$Camry 33524.0 miles 38580$Yukon 30738.0 miles 29414$G35 22043.0 miles 48738$
Corvette 38767.0 miles 52296$Explorer 27982.0 miles 31204$Maxima 74071.0 miles 30404$Camry 30161.0 miles 44235$Yukon 30303.0 miles 28072$G35 41685.0 miles 18280$
Corvette 68164.0 miles 41890$Explorer 54432.0 miles 52880$Maxima 14223.0 miles 42220$Camry 65637.0 miles 47347$Yukon 40321.0 miles 38628$G35 56401.0 miles 28303$
Corvette 78893.0 miles 45093$Explorer 74894.0 miles 30359$Maxima 64715.0 miles 54264$Camry 69649.0 miles 51998$Yukon 55416.0 miles 25378$G35 30463.0 miles 42980$
Corvette 46533.0 miles 36532$Explorer 52007.0 miles 17968$Maxima 54871.0 miles 47678$Camry 7480.0 miles 50424$Yukon 61655.0 miles 21160$G35 72933.0 miles 28597$
Corvette 24493.0 miles 19448$Explorer 19239.0 miles 26528$Maxima 65628.0 miles 42505$Camry 20801.0 miles 53023$Yukon 65219.0 miles 16485$G35 68492.0 miles 33943$
Corvette 18784.0 miles 17372$Explorer 6763.0 miles 33810$Maxima 21679.0 miles 44326$Camry 59160.0 miles 28045$Yukon 22521.0 miles 33833$G35 12012.0 miles 44019$
Corvette 31427.0 miles 32494$Explorer 15980.0 miles 27640$Maxima 47102.0 miles 21556$Camry 70217.0 miles 23073$Yukon 32560.0 miles 46093$G35 56033.0 miles 37877$

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Additionally as you see Sorting Feature could be added to this component in the same way as for simple rich:column.

In this example every column provides sorting by car prices

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