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The tag allows dynamic columns functionality in a rich:dataTable. It is used like a UIData component which iterates through a data model to create columns.

The component uses a standard value/var pair of attributes to provide binding to data model and request scoped variable for iteration through this data model.

The next simple example shows you a simple use-case where ten types of cars are created and a list of models with prices is generated for each type of car. In the dataTable cars are grouped by type in a separate columns.

DataTable Columns example
Cars Available
Corvette 79143.0 miles 54063$Explorer 59358.0 miles 52594$Maxima 13858.0 miles 34742$Camry 62802.0 miles 27359$Yukon 63169.0 miles 24060$G35 20877.0 miles 47900$
Corvette 19529.0 miles 54395$Explorer 22613.0 miles 51580$Maxima 23820.0 miles 38549$Camry 69370.0 miles 38382$Yukon 17833.0 miles 49594$G35 29356.0 miles 18444$
Corvette 35296.0 miles 23190$Explorer 55919.0 miles 52842$Maxima 19112.0 miles 53299$Camry 6550.0 miles 49473$Yukon 77124.0 miles 29977$G35 46625.0 miles 43123$
Corvette 5520.0 miles 18632$Explorer 63767.0 miles 51496$Maxima 22336.0 miles 46148$Camry 32331.0 miles 17028$Yukon 58275.0 miles 30521$G35 48468.0 miles 39530$
Corvette 59826.0 miles 25941$Explorer 56672.0 miles 16086$Maxima 59665.0 miles 29685$Camry 14014.0 miles 28253$Yukon 46767.0 miles 18079$G35 45043.0 miles 33416$
Corvette 62900.0 miles 52755$Explorer 21709.0 miles 40037$Maxima 5766.0 miles 46315$Camry 63916.0 miles 39334$Yukon 65587.0 miles 40209$G35 23030.0 miles 43065$
Corvette 41137.0 miles 15684$Explorer 30543.0 miles 19548$Maxima 41996.0 miles 44022$Camry 65482.0 miles 32671$Yukon 53553.0 miles 24101$G35 30535.0 miles 47479$
Corvette 36644.0 miles 21294$Explorer 8792.0 miles 22367$Maxima 14735.0 miles 52397$Camry 43668.0 miles 43128$Yukon 40025.0 miles 32238$G35 50735.0 miles 28452$
Corvette 57239.0 miles 29882$Explorer 11185.0 miles 27883$Maxima 30853.0 miles 41597$Camry 34924.0 miles 26458$Yukon 26499.0 miles 33652$G35 76328.0 miles 49187$

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Additionally as you see Sorting Feature could be added to this component in the same way as for simple rich:column.

In this example every column provides sorting by car prices

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