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Themes support

Layout of this demo page built on top of  Yahoo layouts. The page layout including settings side bar, header and footer are produced by rich:page component and nesting grid in body created with Layout/LayoutPanel components pair.

Complete info about the layouts design could be found at  RichFaces Layouts design wiki page.

Page component is responsible for complete page structure encoding. In difference with old a4j:page component it additionally provides facets for page parts definitions, and optionally provides styling based on RichFaces skinability.

Next facets available in built-in implementation - top, bottom, and sidebar. And child content encoded as body part of the page.

Also main important feature - Themes support implemented on top of this component.

Layout/LayoutPanel components based on  Yahoo Nesting Grids.

Layout is a wrapper component which should consist of layouts panels. Every layout panel could be positioned inside the layout with corresponding position attribute(with top, bottom, left, right and center values).

Currently for a horizontally aligned panels the "width" attribute means a part of outer panel what that component takes. This is a same semantic as HTML elements have - see HTML MultiLength In future we plan to expand the layouts with possibility of fixed and percents based width definitions.


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